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Sunday, January 15th 2006

8:59 PM

Help Put a Sexual Predator in Prison

Hi All:

The Dream Dragon needs YOUR HELP.  I have posted the beginning of an article I have written for my Beltway Pinto Beans blog.  Please visit the article, read it, and become involved by linking to the article, or even putting the article in your own blog by pasting it there...Thanks to every one in advance.

Dream Dragon....AKA Pinto Bean


Putting a Sexual Perp Behind Bars
A National Call for Help


I interrupt my political pontificating for a public service announcement, a request for help in putting a suspected sexual perpetrator behind bars before a child comes to more serious harm, before someone is horribly scarred for life, or worse. 


The Yorktown Police Department has been diligently investigating a case involving child pornography and other issues of concern, for well over a year.  Additionally, there are also allegations that the person being investigated for being in possession of said child pornography also showed his  young male child adult pornography…a charge investigated by Child Protective Services of Westchester County, New York.  Said social service agency issued findings in the investigation which issued/indicated it is their belief that said man did in fact and deed show his son said materials, thus suggesting he is guilty of Child Endangerment.  The whole case right now seems to be entangled in political wrangling in the Westchester County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in White Plains, headed up (until very recently) by Jeanine Pirro, who stepped down (THANK GOD) at the beginning of this calendar year. Endangering a communities children to protect one’s winning percentage, or because the financial costs of a trial are not worth it, is not what JUSTICE is supposed to be about, and hopefully new faces, coupled with PUBLIC PRESSURE can get this case brought before a judge.

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Saturday, November 26th 2005

4:32 PM

Dream Dragon's Political Blog

Hello Everyone:

First, so that you know, I have not abandoned this blog, but have set it aside for a bit, as I have a need to be a bit political, and did not feel this blog was the right place to do it.

So, for all my friends here, I extend and invite to join my new blog, to visit it and read my political rantings under the pen name of Pinto Bean.  I hope all of you will link to my site and help it grow.

Dream Dragon, AKA Pinto Bean

Link to my NEW BLOG: http://pintobeans.iblogs.com/

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Tuesday, October 25th 2005

1:22 AM

When do we say enough?


Sure that some will find this post full of controversy, others might find it somewhat cold hearted, but that is not my intent.

I've been watching yet another day of news filled with the destruction of yet another Hurricane that has swept across Florida, doing billions of dollars worth of damage...a small hurrican Wilma was compared to Katrina that all but swept the beautiful city of New Orleans off the map, but still a very destructive force.

In the past 18 months (give or take) Florida alone has been devasted by hurricanes known by a host of different names eight times.  Texas was hit this year, and Hurricane Katrina did hundreds of billions worth of damage across a three state area.

I used to live in Florida, have been through a few hurricanes, have lived in New Orleans, and in a host of other places located along the waters edge, from Maine to San Francisco.  Can we say EARTHQUAKES?  What I am wondering, is how long do we require the entire nation to carry the burden of rebuilding peoples lives when they make choices to live in dangerous areas?  They had a person on the news who has had their home destroyed now three times, and they are planning on rebuilding a fourth time (between FEMA funds, flood insurance) they say they will be fine.  Problem is, they in a way seem to think we as a nation owe them and obligation to subsidize their life choice of living on the brink of danger.  Should we as a nation, should we as individual have to (through our federal taxes) time and again be rebuilding communities that have been poorly designed, and placed in areas that at best can be considered very poor choices indeed. 

Seriously, why even allow someone to rebuild a home that was built in a flood plain area, why continue to rebuild communities in areas that fairly regularly get hit directly and/or indirectly by Hurricanes? Is it fair to force everyone else to subsidize these poor choices?  Governor Jebb Bush this year alone has requested federal disaster relief FIVE TIMES!  When is enough enough, when is it fair to tell these people they are ON THEIR OWN if they insist on rebuilding in the exact same zone of danger?

I am of a mind right now, that we have to draw a line in the sand.  There are lots of areas of our country out of harms way that are UNDER POPULATED, and maybe it is time that we give back to mother nature what is rightfully hers.  Perhaps it is time that beaches, and the lands along the oceans edge be returned to their natural states, places where we visit, rather than being places where we live, where we build home that are destined to be washed away again and again.


Dream Dragon

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Friday, October 21st 2005

12:56 AM

Let's get started......!

It has been a BUSY summer, and will fill everyone in on the various assorted meanderings of my wife and I in a later post.  For now, thought I would weigh in on something that is REALLY bothering me...I might even touch on a few topics that are eating away at the small amount of sanity I seem to have left as I wrestle with the implications of a world gone mad.

Earlier this year as we ALL know, the Supreme Court in a fool's fit of fancy made an earth shattering WRONG DECISION regarding a communities right to take PRIVATE PROPERTY for corporate welfare.

What happen to the concept that our rights to private property were inviolate, and were only to be taken from us for projects that serve the greater public good, such as new highways, or a public school as examples?  I was very disturbed at this horrid development which gave the corporate money changers and robber barons of our time frightening rights and means by which to strip us of our hard earned home and hearth....but, I kept quiet as it did not seem to directly impact me at the time.

Enter a project close to our home known as the Riverfront Development, and a Billionaire developer by the name of GINSBURG, and a middleclass blue collar family by the name of Christian ( I know, kind of ironic) who happen to own .6 of one acre of land RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of where this man/company wants to build 400 plus LUXURY condo units.  Yes, we are talking a BILLION DOLLAR PROJECT right on the Hudson river.

Now, .6 of and acre does not sound like a lot until you realize this entire billion dollar project is going to only require 4.5 acres of land that provide panoramic views of the great Hudson River as it meanders through our lovely little town of Peekskill, New York.  We''ll say the .6 acres represents around twelve percent of the land mass for this Economic Development Project in this BLIGHTED COMMUNITY...do you love those BUZZ WORDS?  I found this out when I happened to attend a public meeting on the project to make an inquiry about traffic flow issues that potentially could impact on my own place, and was shocked to find out that the mayor of our fine town, JOHN TESTA (can I hear a few boo hisses at this point?) was using the use of imminent domain as a veiled threat to those one or two EVIL PEOPLE that might try to hold up the project for their own personal greed!  Hmmmmmm.....so, property owners accept what the Ginsburg Development Group offers them, or have the city come in and take it at fire sale prices....GREAT CHOICE. 

Where am I going with this...well, after the meeting, I met the Christian's...one of those VILE evil people the major was back handedly referring to when he made his veiled threat...seems they had attended a private meeting, however briefly with a representive from the Ginsburg Development Group who had informed them that a curbside appraisal of their over one half acre of PRIME DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY was worth a MEAGER $120,000!  Now mother Christian as I'll fondly refer to her as, is not exactly the role model of Snidley Whiplash out to visit EVIL and MISCHIEF on any and all unsuspecting corporate big wigs and money changers (think Tom DeLay) who happen to cross her path.  She's a 70 year old, retired GRAND MOTHER!  She's held on to this piece of property for some FIFTY YEARS, seeing it as her nest egg, a place she dreamed about developing one day when time, money and circumstances were ripe.

So, why am I sharing this story with you the reader of my blog?  I am hoping you can help this family out, but getting involved.

1.  You could cut and paste this entry into your blog to help me reach more people!

2.  You could visit one of these two site links, and give the city of Peekskill, and Ginsburg Development a piece of your mind, let them know what you think of Corporate Robber Barons coming in and trying to take advantage of little old kindly grandmothers, let them know you think it is WRONG for them to even think about taking someone's property, let alone coercing the mayor of Peekskill, John Testa to deliver a threat that citizens cooperatively sell their land at the offered price, or risk his filing papers to take your land any way through imminent domain.

The link for Ginsburg Development...they have a really cute contact button you can click on there to leave them a nice thought or two on this subject.


City of Peekskill link...again, you can just click on the Waterfront Project to read all about this, and they again have a wonderful CONTACT THE CITY button you can click on there as well!


Help me help the Christians...this is not about standing in the way of progress, but being treated fairly when progress wants to come through their land.

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Thursday, October 13th 2005

3:01 AM

Peeking into my own blog.

Hi Everyone...yes, I have been gone ALL SUMMER, and yes it is very late at night, or early in the morning depending on ones perspective.  Have been in hybernation, rolling various assorted things around as I considered various myriad possibilities about life.  It is time to emerge, update everyone on things in my/our life, and discuss a host of issues and world events that  are heavy on my chest, so look for a birage of postings starting soon.

For now, going to go play some bridge since I cannot sleep.

Dream Dragon

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Monday, July 11th 2005

10:02 AM

Rich people are SO RUDE sometimes.

Need to vent here, and this seems like a GOOD PLACE to do it...at least some of you can get a laugh or two out of my angst and frustration.

As most of you know, I'd taken on a large landsccaping job, finished it, and bid on another one.  I got the second job...or, at least so I'd thought.  The couple had me over to their home, we talked about the project at some length, and they were impressed enough to ask me to work up a detailed bid on the project...no small task.

I gave them the estimate, and they had some more questions, so made a SECOND trip to their home, and then came home and worked some more and fined tuned the estimate for them.  The total estimate if they had everything done would have been right at about $35,000.

They finally contacted me, and said they could not afford this season to do more than $20,000, and was it possible to divide the large project into two phases...NOT A PROBLEM, so I did some more figuring and mapping out and called them back with what now amounted to two separate projects, the immediate one for $20,000 and a phase II that would be done at some future date to be determined.

They loved my work, loved my proposal and said the job was mine, and they wanted me to start as soon as possible...we agreed that I would pick up a deposit for $10,000 last week, and start on July 18th as soon as my wife and I were back from vacation.  In short, I was given the go ahead to start the job, which I did.

I priced out materials, made arrangements to sublet out certain parts of the job, lined up my labor force, and spent some out of pocket money on things I would not have purchased had I not had the job.  Well, I get a call last week on Wednesday asking me to hold off picking up the check until after her husband returned from Toronto, as he was there trying a big case, and would be home on Sunday. 

This morning, I call up the wife to see if I can come over early, as I needed to pay for various materials I had RESERVED from my various suppliers, and was told, "Gee Sherwood, I was going to call you earlier, but after looking at things carefully, our finances are a bit tight, and we have decided to hold off on the project until the spring...we'd still like to use you, and hope you understand.  This doesn't really inconvenience you does it, sure you have other things to keep you busy."

EXCUSE ME?  I'm a SMALL BUSINESS PERSON, I can only do so much work, and once I have inked in a particular time from on my calendar (three weeks in the HEART OF THE SEASON), I have no choice but to stop looking for additional work to fill that time slot in my business calendar.  Also, what about all the pre-job prep work that has been done, what about my reputation with my suppliers?  What about the time I now have to spend CANCELLING everything I'd already put in motion?  Materials are not going to be the same price next year they were this year, so all the pricing work I'd done based on the fact I had the job is GONE...two days, two days that I would have billed out at $800 a day!  Another two days drawing up a more detailed plan for the landscaping project, lining up qualified workers for the time period, and choosing what types of planting materials I wanted to work into the landscaping, the kinds of statuary I wanted to go with my vision...yes, another $1600 GONE.  Now I am going to have to spend half a day cancelling orders, and I have to eat a couple of tools I'd purchased specifically FOR THIS JOB.  All told, I am out about $4,000....

When I bid out a job, these are costs that are factored into the costs...I know that I have a lot of work that gets done BEFORE I ever set foot on the property, before I take shovel to the earth and start creating.  Maybe to them, cancelling out at the last minute is no big deal, they are still living in their million dollar home, still have a nanny taking care of their kids, and a person who keeps up their home for them...but what about ME?  That money had ALREADY BEEN EAR MARKED, that money when it came in recouped my cash outlays, and PAID A MONTH of our living expenses here!  We in one phone call have gone from having a bit of a cushion to suddenly being CAUGHT SHORT, and scrambling suddenly to figure out how to make our ends meet.

Is it just me, or is this kind of behavior CALLOUS and UNFAIR?  Why seek a bid on a big project if you cannot afford it right now, why accept the bid and tell people you want them to start before you have gone over your own finances and know ABSOLUTELY that you can afford the work.  Are they really so naive that they do not realize how unfair their actions were and are?  Or, do they just don't care, are they so immersed in their own selfish pursuits that they just don't care about anyone else, don't really care if their actions hurt people that are not as well off financially as they are?  I can understand not making my profit on the work that has not been done, but what about the work I've ALREADY DONE, the work I HAVE TO DO TO CANCEL STUFF, do they think people like us just show up the day such a project starts, and magically HAVE EVERYTHING READY TO GO?

Enough ranting...I'm really crushed right now, feel betrayed, lied to and manipulated, and think I am going to go off and cry in my proverbial beer for a bit.

Dream Dragon

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Sunday, June 26th 2005

8:26 PM

Purging we will go.

Hello All:

I'd actually written this post this morning, and the Goddess of the ethers must not have been pleased as I got that dreaded screen message...this site does not seem to be functioning, and everything I'd intended for history was gone.  Absense may make the heart grow fonder, but it also causes one to forget lessons learned, such as selecting all and copy before sending anything up into that mysterious world of cyber space in case there should be some malfunction or burp in the energy flows that are the internet which will consume, devour and digest what you've created, never to be seen again. 

I wonder, is there some mystical, even magical place where these writings reside that we just do not know about, cannot find?  Perhaps, in fact, my words had not been upsetting, but instead I had pleased the Goddess of the Internet with my words, so pleased in fact that she claimed those words as her own, writings not intended for the humble eyes of the human race. 

Imagine some special place, the Temple of the Goddess of the Internet where deciples gather, catalog and preserve perfect examples of prose, preserving for all time those words which we assume are never to be shared, a special vault of gilded gold wherein those writings that please the heavens reside, waiting for that day when we have reached a higher level of attainment, a sense of one with the universe wherein we can finally join in and be one with the energy flows of the cosmos.

ANYWAY, it is evening, the sun gone on the horizon, the sky darkening as the stars gaither anxiously to make their appearence in the night time sky.  I woke this morning in need of rest, in need of a day where I did nothing but relax, rest and catch a second wind.  It is exactly three months and a day since I had my surgery, at least three months out before I am supposed to be back in the world of the hard working, but I have never been one for listening to those of a conservative heart and mind, those who put limits on the human soul and the body's ability to heal, get well and carry on.  I've been back and working now for over a month, my invincable spirit pushing me to find my way back to where I was before, and I think I have done a good job of it, but I realized last night that I have been pushing myself to far to fast, and was in need of rest.

I finished the landscaping job last week, though going to have to make a trip back to the site tomorrow to fix a couple of glitches, little things that are not wrong, but small things the customer would like done a bit differently, and perfection in a thriving business is in the eyes of the customer, not in the eyes of the creator, so I will make the changes they want in my never ending quest to give them exactly what they wish for.  One would think that leaping back into the fray of the work-a-day world would weary one, make one tired, but instead, my own return to work saw me taking a serious look at our own house, saw me make a list of things that needed addressed, and once a list is done, it must be acted upon.

When Sweet Pea and I met, got involved and committed to our love for one and another, I moved down here as it was the sensible thing to do.  Much of my STUFF was stacked floor to ceiling in our garage, the door closed waiting for the time when there would be space in our home for those various assorted treasures to live. 

Unfortunately, as time slid by, her stuff, and some of my stuff was joined by new stuff, that proverbial stuff known as OUR STUFF.  Our collection grew by leaps and bounds, and there were contested, even heated arguements about making room for my stuff while the acquisitions of jointly held stuff went on in earnest.  After awhile I really did not miss my stuff, and so it lanquished there in that dark space, not seeing the light of day for some five years. 

One of the things on my list was to reclaim that space known as the garage, the desire for a garage in which to park a car to great to ignore, and so the time had come...yes, that time we all face from time to time when we need to purge ourselves of at least a part of our past, take a few days walking through memories, weighing each, and deciding what needs to stay, and what can go.

Friday morning at 7:34 in the AM a THIRTY YARD dumpster arrived at my house, sitting there omminously on the street, its bright yellow, hard steel skeletal system screaming to be noticed, demanding to be fed.  At 8:07 AM with a cup of coffee in hand I openned the door to the garage and said hello once again to my past as I starred at the army of boxes and bags stacked floor to ceiling waiting to say hello.

I worked all day at the task, sometimes wildly tossing items into the void of the dumpster in an almost giddly glee, reveling in the freedom from stuff no longer needed.  At other times I quietly, piece by piece, went through a singular box, almost reverently carressing each item exposed to the light, remembering where I had found the treasure, reliving the memories, sometimes recrying tears of times from the past that were either bittersweet, or had been to painful to deal with in their time. 

By night fall I could see though not touch the back wall of my garage, and the omminious yellow dumpster no longer seemed so sinister, as if it were almost smiling in understanding...I stood there for awhile, my arm resting on the door of the dumpster, two friends examining the emptying garage, understanding its relief as it tasted the newness of fresh air and space in which to breath.  The job was not done, but it had been a good day.

Both Sweet Pea and I were up early on Saturday...we'd agreed that she would start her own purging down in the basement, and surprisingly, she was actually ready to get to work, ready to cleanse herself of some of the haunting ghosts lurking in long ago buried things and stuff that she no longer really needed.  At around 2:15 PM I finished the garage, made a final sweep of the area and drove a car into the space for the first time in five years, and almost exactly five years to the day I had moved my things into the space and joined two lives into one. 

I'd met with a contractor earlier in the day, and on Monday the building will be getting a new door and opener, and later in the month I am having the driveway resurfaced to make the garage's journey complete.  A garage that was filled floor to ceiling now has a single file row of boxes on one side and the back wall, my first 44 years of life reduced down to a sum of less than fifty boxes of stuff, little items collected on myj ourney through this world filtered and reduced down to a countable amount of stuffs.

Being honest, I know at some point in the future, on a day yet to be chosen that I will purge again, let go of more things, more stuff that acts as mile markers from my past, but for now, I have done what I can, have gone as far as my heart and mind can handle.  I found a small 5x7 photograph, black and white...it was a picture of my first wife Barbara that she had given to me when we were first dating, her standing on a hill in Sun Valley...it brought back memories of when times were good, brought back memories of a love that had once been, but long since died away.  I found old journals written in the darkest hours of night during that lonly time of my life when I faced my past, brought the issues of my abusive childhood out to see the light of day, read some of the entries, and cried some final tears before deciding I'd grown enough to throw those journals away, and let go forever of what had once been a life of pain.  Later in the day I glanced at the photograph of Barbara one last time before I swept it up with the rest of the dirt and debries laying there on the floor and tossed it into the abyss of the dumpster.

I found a picture of my mother holding one of my nieces...I'd taken that picture of her on one of her last visits to my farm.  Soon after that her eye site finally gave out completely...one of the sad ravishes of her diabetes that slowly took her away.  My younger brother Karl and I had moved her in with him and his wife deciding that was best since I lived so far from quality medical facilities at the time.  Two weeks later my brother came up to Ohio from Washington, DC (he was stationed at the Pentagon at the time) and packed my mothers life up, closing down her apartment and turning the keys over to a saddened member of the buildings management team.  She passed away some 12 years ago, and I miss her to this day.  My brother Karl died to me back in 1997 as well, though he is still alive, though living behind four gray prison walls.  At times I miss him, wish we could go out and have a beer, but cannot bring myself to a point where I can forgive him for the things he did, forgive him for destroying a family, and taking away my four nieces and nephews who I have not seen now in almost nine years, though I cimpletely undertand the why of his ex-wife's decision. 

There were happy times during my time of purging...I'd forgotten the fact  I used to print up each of Sweet Pea's emails and carefully place them into a three ring binder, and it was fun reading some of those notes from those early times when our love was blossoming.  I found an old purple and white button with the words, "Purple Power" proudly emblazoned across the front for all to read.  I graduated from Fairmont West High School in Kettering Ohio, our colors were purple and white, home of the fighting Dragon's and somehow that button had managed to travel with me through my life for all these years.  I found my old American Flag decked out with buttons collected at various concerts and events from my youth...betting here that some of those buttons are now serious collectibles, but I could not sell them at any price and so carefully folded the flag back up and tucked it safely into one of my plastic boxes of things meant to continue traveling  with me as I march toward those golden years where our memories of times past keep us company in our waning years.

I took today off, I went outside and stared at the dumpster a couple times, but spent most of my day out by the pool content in what had been accomplished.  Two people, two days and between Sweet Pea and myself we had managed to fill a 30 square yard dumpster with stuff we were ready to let go of, and in that there is some cause for rejoicing, even through a few tears have been cried in  letting go.

Tonight I am reflective...I turn 50 in February of 2006, and my wife turns fifty this fall, plans for a celebration of this important mile marker in her life already well under way. For those of you who keep notes, make sure to visit her Blog on Novermber 1st to wish her the very best.  Statistics say that on average, as a male I should live to be 74, though I am hoping for something above that average.  It's hard to think on the subject that my life is perhaps 2/3 past, only a scant 25 years left for me to uncover the mysteries I was sent here to understand.  Cannot remember the artist, but there used to be a song with lyrics something like, "I know there ain't no heaven, and I pray there ain't no hell, and the only thing I ask of dying is to go naturely.

Not sure where I stand on either heaven or hell, know I want to go naturely, but I pray there is something else after I leave this space in the cosmos.  I watch the flowers blooming in the spring, look up into the skies trying to count the stars and I know there is something far bigger and more graceful than I...will I at some point have a chance to travel the stars, a chance to truly stare in the magic of the heavens and understand the true meaning of life?  Would life truly be easier if we had the proverbial owners manual? Would those who lead us be wiser if they had a glimpse of that greater power that holds this universe together?  I don't know the answer, but know I'm not ready to die, and know when I do go that I want some assurances there is a new journey waiting for me on the other side.

For now, going to close.  Hope everyone who regularly visits my blog are going well, and everyone have a great week.

Dream Dragon



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Tuesday, June 21st 2005

8:47 PM

Some general thoughts about getting older, and stepping into new realities.

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Hi All:

Well, tomorrow I finish off the last of some things on the landscaping project I have been working on for the past month or so.  Think it came out pretty good, and will post a couple of pictures on the bottom of this post.  The owners are absolutely thrilled, so think that is the most important part of it all when it comes down to it.  We went to their wedding this past Saturday...lovely affair, and I doubled as a photographer and sent them some 300 pictures on Sunday afternoon when we got back home. I always think it is nice to have some pictures right after the event, so used my digital camera.

Shaved off my beard today...Sweetpea was not happy about it as she LOVES my beard, but was having some issues with it, as it has started growing in completely WHITE...not even gray, but pure as the driven snow white.  I suppose it is vanity on my part, or perhaps a last gasp effort to ignore just how old I am really getting, but it was bothering me to look in the mirror and see such a marker in my life staring accusingly at me from the other side.

Have spent the last few days working on another estimate for another job...not sure, but might be over pricing it a bit, perhaps because the job will not be as much fun.  Not a lot (if any) creative control of the process, but it is a big job.  It's in ONE OF THOSE neighborhoods, and found out speaking with a friend of mine that I need to get licensed and insured if I get the job.  Spent most of today filling out forms, making calls, and lining up insurance...a scary time for me, as it is a committment to building another business.  With my recent bout of health issues (heart problems a couple years back, gall bladder surgery, and of course this year the arm), being out of the loop for so long, and other self doubts have been a bit worried about jumping into another career, making such a financial committment of our funds.  Sometimes in life, being good has little to do with being successful...it is more about hard work, a little luck and even meeting or knowing the right people.  I'd feel a lot better about the whole thing if I had enough customers already lined up to say buy a new pick up truck (which I am going to need), a trailer, and a few pieces of major equipment I am sorely lacking at the moment to go after bigger jobs.  Also thinking I should look into some classes, since I am running into my dreams on nothing more than raw talent and a belief in what I can make happen in transforming a yard. 

Funny, being honest about it, at twenty something, would not even think about all of this, but instead would simply jump into the deep waters and start swimming.  In some ways, still doing that, but there is a fear that was not there before, perhaps a fear born out of knowing I am almost fifty, and that this may be my last chance at another great adventure.  I remember that first year after my mother died, and all of the first's without her.  First Easter, birthday, Christmas and the like were each their own separate bittersweet moments.  Now in some ways as I move fully into this time we refer to as middle age, I find myself wondering in that same bittersweet way how many things I am doing for one last time in my life.  I have a bike I want to get back on to, but have been putting it off...I used to be a bike messenger in San Francisco, have biked from New York to Ohio in five and one half days, even mountain biked the slick rocks out in Moab, Utah...deep down inside, I know that kind of biking is gone forever for me, and perhaps that contributes to why I have not gotten back on my bike, as it will be a full acceptance of that reality.  Not riding, I can kid myself, pretend a false bravado that I can still ride like I used to...again, that vanity peeking through.

Rubibng a crystal ball and making a wish.  A year from now, would love to have one of those two door Hummers with the pick up truck rear end on it, my company logo in gold leaf on high gloss black, leather interior, and a matching enclosed trailer (wells cargo) towed behind.  Maybe have a flat bed to haul around a custom painted high gloss black back hoe for those bigger jobs, and a back log of fun grounded customers who appreciate my creative flair, and give me free rein in creating them a peaceful yard.  Not a lot of customers, as I prefer LARGE jobs that present big challenges both mentally and creatively.  Be nice to clear off some of our debt...would feel a lot more comfortable if we could clear off the home equity loan on our house, and wipe out our credit card debts.  Eliminating that debt would make it a lot easier for us to stay in this large house, which is what Sweet Pea really wants, as she (being honest) really does not want to, nor is ready to downsize and admit we are getting older and have no business living in a fifteen room house...looking back on my now missing beard, hard to really fault her.  We each approach this passing into our Golden Years in a different fashion.

I want a sports car...I have a Hyundai Tiburon right now, and it is by all rights a sports car, but NOT REALLY.  For starters, the speedometer only goes up to 120 which puts it at the bottom of the pile when it comes to a TRUE SPORTS CAR.  Secondly, its a hard top!  I want a convertible DAMMIT! I want something with some SERIOUS POWER, something that is destined to get me more traffic tickets than a man my age is supposed to have...especially since I know Sweet Pea would have a heart attack if I suddenly decided I was going to get a serious motor cycle at my age.  Say one of those custom numbers from Orange County Chopper.  If any one has connections, would love to replace my old 66 Plymouth Fury III convertible, then have one of those shows that steals it and jazzes it up stop by and surprise me!  Custom paint job, a serious BIG BLOCK engine, outragous rims, and a sterio that will wake the dead...OH, and in these new fangled times we live in, want those TV's in the head rests as well, and I want DSL wireless hook up and a KILLER computer with lots of RAM.

Other things on my wish list...another trip to Maui for an extended vacation.  We just loved it there, and the earth energy is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Want to take Sweet Pea back to Italy...I've never been, but she has, and I know she has a special affinity for Italy, especially Florence and Pompei.  Before I get to old, want to take a polar bear expedition in Alaska, and been told that Costa Rica is a must place for a trip...want to stay in a hotel up in the trees and commune with the monkeys...anyone know if they are still performing?  Trying to remember, wasn't that a really cool GTO that they drove around in when they had their TV show?  Greek Islands are another place I'd like to see, and both New Zealand and Australia are trips I'd leap at the chance to take.  Any one out there need a personal travel assitant...I could carry your luggage, or maybe walk your poodles!  Hey, maybe the Hilton sisters would hire me!  Thinking they have a heavy travel schdule, and I could get to where they are going ahead of them, act as their set up crew!  Find all the best night clubs for them, find various places for them to hide out in where they were sure to be seen since we all know how much they love publicity and being in the tabloids.  This could work.

Well, enough of my mindless rambling.  It's good to be back posting, and hope all my friends here on Bravenet are doing well.  For now, best close this post and take care of a few things I need ready for work tomorrow. 

Dream Dragon

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Sunday, June 12th 2005

7:02 PM

Returning from the Dead...or so it seems.

Hi All:

Sure everyone thinks that Sweetpea and I vanished from the ethers NEVER to be heard from again, but I am here to say it ain't so.  So, where have we been, why the long absense from such a wonderful place full of great friends. (Special hello here to Nanza and a few others who have stopped by and said hello in my absense) and fabulous writings.  Well, as is often the case for us, spring has a way of SLAMMING us two and burying us under a host of duties and responsibilities!

Spring for my wonderful other half is always her HECTIC, CRAZY, even bizarre time of the year, and sure none of you were surprised when she stopped posting for awhile...BUT DREAM DRAGON...where did he go, he was at home recouperating from SERIOUS SURGURY!  He has plenty of time to while away the hours here on Bravenet writing about life, love and the great mess we refer to as National Politics.  Well, despite my limitations, I had a client that offered me a job I COULD NOT REFUSE, and I have been KILLING myself and my left arm to a large....no, scratch that, a hugh....no, scratch that, a HUMONGOUS landscaping job that has to be done and completed by this upcoming Friday, as they couple are getting married on Saturday.

What started out as a spruce up the place estimate has turned into a full blown out back yard make over with Dream Dragon being allowed FULL AND COMPLETE creative control of the entire thing, and those kinds of opportunities just do not come along that often.  My doctor was furious with me for putting my arm under so much stress, my wife was just plain worried to death, and I was just to damn head strong (and bored sitting at home) to turn down the opportunity, so for the past several odd weeks, I have limped home at night with my left arm THROBBING in mortal agony, but feeling on TOP OF THE WORLD, as I love being creative, especially with nature.

The job is coming towards and end, but thought I would share just a couple of quick IN PROCESS shots of the work.

Above shot is first, a lot of landscaping stock freshly delivered.  The stone well you see planted had completely collapsted in on itself, but I did not want to trash it, so rebuilt the well, and added a herb garden around it at ground level.

Again, early work...placing of the statury...all the laterns have been wired up, so that they double as lighting for the area, and I've put lattice around the entire perimeter of the multiple level deck that was already there.  The large piece is actually a fountain, and on the other side of the deck I have put in a koi pond with small waterfall.

I enjoy using rocks and stone in my work, and the black mulching material as the job is heading towards completion is very daring, and in a monocromatic fashion works well with all the pre-existing birchs on the property.

Close up of the base of the fountain I selected.

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Sunday, May 8th 2005

3:10 PM

Bush's Social Security and Morals Agenda

Hello All:

Anyone else find it odd that Bush's big agenda item for his second term involves the SS?  Been playing in photoshop in the hopes of making a political statement...let me know what you think of it.

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